Sunday, 11 November 2018

BLOG 419

Blog 419
I have created some more labels this week. They are great to do, small and not so perfectly formed (!) but very satisfying if they come right. And if they don’t, they are small enough to discard without any angst! My collection continues to grow and I am even contemplating making a customised box or two to store them in!
            Luggage labels

            Applique (Silk flower on a painted background)

          Floral applique

            Dimensional applique (Free motion butterfly on a painted silk background)
       Finished label

            Colour blocks (layers of sheers sewn with a continuous stitch)

            Stained glass (Traced from a Dover publication and coloured in with stitch)

            Sheers and stitch (Sheers were cut out with a soldering iron and placed on a textured background)

            Soldered buttons (Buttons cut with a soldering iron and sewn onto calico with painted Bondaweb circles)

             Cross stitch (An insert in a birthday card from my dear friend Gretta)

                                    My Act of Remembrance 1918-2018 (This has been made to coincide with the end of the First World War a hundred years ago). We will remember them, with gratitude.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

BLOG 418

Blog 418
I have been busy over the last two or three weeks, mainly clearing the decks (and fabrics!). For what reason I am not quite sure yet but I need (not want but need) to be creative! I coined the expression ‘I feel a quilt coming on’ when I first started teaching over 30 years ago and that creative impulse is as strong as ever in me, even after all this time. It’s good for my fabric and my skill levels to just shove quilts under the sewing machine, but working like that won’t feed my restless creative beast. So 7 Linus quilt tops later and with a lot of empty baskets in my fabric store, I feel I have avoided the design wall for too long. So let’s see what happens … if anything happens … well it has always happened before … what if it doesn’t happen again? … AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!
          2 Linus quilt tops

            2 more Linus quilt tops

There were many Liberty squares left over from the shaded quilt top that I made so I decided to use these with a neutral fabric to make the simplest of patchwork tops.
             Liberty squares


            Number 5

Number 6 was made from the left over half-square triangles paired up with a black fabric and Number 7 used up the rest of the 5 ½” squares that I cut to prepare the half-square triangles.
           Number 6

          Number 7

            Quilt tops

These quilt tops will now be put out of sight and therefore out of mind so that I don’t feel pressurised into quilting them imminently. That said, they will be given to the ‘Sharer of the Grandchildren’ who is the Linus rep for N Wales and I will chat to her as to when she needs them most.

Looking at my fabric stash now I see lots of empty baskets. I am not hyper-ventilating about this …. Yet … Because there are masses of Batiks and Bali’s to keep me happy J J J!

           Fabric stash

           Empty baskets

          Batiks and Bali’s
And here are the framed felted pictures that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

          Houses 1
         Houses 2

            Houses 3


Sunday, 28 October 2018

BLOG 417

Blog 417
What a great exhibition we had in Chester on Friday and Saturday! We have a tremendous amount of sewing talent in the Chester Ps&Qs group and it was delightful to see it on display at this eye-catching exhibition. Churches lend themselves to displays of creative art mainly because of the exaggerated vertical space which we can fill successfully with draped quilts. And somehow the solemnity of the building adds an air of quiet contemplation and elevates our work to a more profound level.  Our exhibition illustrated how quilters make their chosen quilts for different reasons. It showcased a variety in techniques and fabric choices and in colour and size. There were fabrics stalls, book stalls, raffle, tombola’s, refreshments, and Linus quilts. Our group quilts, 8 in total (one is still in America!), had a spacious room to themselves and it was the best display I have seen with them all together; I felt immensely proud to have been part of making them happen! I was stewarding for the first couple of hours on Friday and the attendance was steady with much ‘oohing and ahhhing’. I talked my way through most of my stewarding slot (no change there then!), meeting up with many ladies who used to come to me for classes; it was a great social gathering. Here is a selection of the wonderful creativity on display. (BTW I made up the titles for some of the quilts; I tried to interpret what they were saying to me!)
            Recycled striped shirts (English paper piecing)



        Modern stained glass (quilt-as-you-go method)

            Japanese blue and white

            Recycled denims

           Flying triangles (good use of a coloured fabric)

            Log cabin (fabulous butterfly quilting)

            Trip round the world

          Single Irish chain (with Dresden plate snowflake)

            Snowflake detail

          Aspirational sampler (perhaps a block of the month?)

           Feather detail

         Reds and whites (traditional)

           Blues and Whites (modern)

          Cathedral Tiles

             Tile detail

            Flower trellis

            Garden birds (inspired by Gail Lawther)

            Bullfinch detail (raw edge applique with invisible thread quilting)

          Selection of lap quilts

           Batik bricks

           African sampler

           Batik scrap quilt (inspired by me!)

           Tiled sampler (inspired by Lynne Edwards)