Sunday, 14 October 2018

BLOG 415

Blog 415
I have been sewing at Suzette’s again and I love going because, apart from the excellent company, I am surrounded by such inspiring work. I have learned so much from the others who have years of embroidery knowledge and experience behind them. Here are their works in progress.
             Peggy’s butterflies


            Pat’s waterfowl

               Suzette’s composition
Being surrounded by embroidery didn’t stop me from felting this week though! I have an order for several pictures with felted houses; these will be Christmas gifts so I needed to get on with them. Once the bags of colours were beside me I was raring to go and I started to mash fibres on my embellishing machine. Instead of trying to make individual squares to a certain size, I decided to try to make one large piece of felt this time and to cut it down into smaller squares. And we are talking small this time. These squares are 2”!! (Note to self: don’t cut the squares to the required size until the houses have been felted. The felting process distorts the square!)

            Felting wools

               Needle felting

              Background squares

               Basic houses

            Stitch detail

            Second set
A third set of 9 is made up of larger 3” squares. This is a work in progress and hopefully I will be able to show them framed next time.

             Third set

             Stitch detail
The weather is altering now as we settle into a colourful autumn and the cats certainly know where to find comfort and warmth. Here they are in their usual places beside the log fire doing their barely-synchronised grooming!

This week I managed to find a rainbow for my finger. I just love it!

             Rainbow finger





Sunday, 7 October 2018

BLOG 414

Blog 414

 It’s been a bit of the ‘same old, same old’ this week for me as I have been trying to get the ‘Shades of Liberty’ quilt top out of the way. Over the past few weeks I have been constructing a two-row strip whenever I felt like it and it is surprising how they have built up. It has to be said that I get bored with repetition so I felt the sooner this was out of the way the better. When sewing two individual strips together, I always sewed the seams from dark to light and butted the seams so that the bottom one went down and the top one went up. They were pressed carefully and the whole thing went together without problems, because all the seams butted up together throughout the quilt.

              Shades of Liberty 

            Pressed seams


             Joining rows 

I was left with a limited palette of medium and light squares and would have had to buy more fabrics if I went on to make a large bed quilt. I am always tempted to do this but need to remind myself that all the beds have quilts on them already so a throw would be a better idea.

         Limited palette


            Bed quilt layout

I now have one or two gaps to fill in and then I will call it a day on the size and put it to one side to finish for Gresford next year.

 My daughter lives in the village of Pantymwyn just outside Mold in Flintshire and they have entered the village scarecrow competition. And just for fun this week, I thought I would show you some of the imaginative entries.


           Old age pensioner 

           Harry Potter

             Duvet day 

           Mary Poppins

             Black and white cat 



        Digger driver
The last one was done by my daughter, husband and their children and it won them a third prize! Well done Team Anderson!

               King Arthur and Merlin