Sunday, 21 October 2018

BLOG 416

BLOG 416
I have been putting more time into the felted miniature houses this week and I am pleased with the results. You can perhaps appreciate now how drawing quirky details with a black thread helps to bring the pictures to life.
            Felted miniatures

The next step before framing is to add a piece of card to the back of each one. When I get round to adding some double-sided sticky tape on the back of this card, I will be able to position/reposition them accurately within the mounting frame.
           Cardboard backing

In order to encourage the card to stick to the felt, the pictures are pressed between heavy books. These will be mounted and framed this coming week.
             Pressure sticking

The Shaded Liberty quilt has been completed to a ‘throw’ size, pressed well and put away for a while until I can face quilting it. All my remaining Liberty fabrics will be passed onto my Gresford chums.
             Shaded Liberty

This means that I can now turn my attention back to the half square triangles (Blog 403) which I have made en masse to use up lots of my remaining cotton fabrics. The squares are bright and cheerful and the fabrics evoke many memories from my quilt teaching days so I am enjoying sewing these squares together. I am also getting the pleasure of creating small quilts in the many different designs that can be created from this versatile building block. So it’s joy all round, a very necessary emotion if you intend to get to the end of any project!!!
              Half-square triangles


       Flying Geese in progress

           Flying Geese

           Noughts and Crosses

The colours of autumn are stunning now especially when illuminated by the bright sunshine we have been enjoying lately. My garden has well and truly and savagely been put to bed this year but there are some plants that you just can’t rush; they just want to die back in their own sweet time. Here’s one of my cascading delights.
           Floral cascade

We have caused a great amount of hilarity this week with the following pic, telling the family we had taken up caravanning in our old age and needed to do it on the cheap!


BTW Chester Patchworkers and Quilters Exhibition is at the United Reform Church, 44 Heath Rd, Chester CH2 1HX on October 26th 10am to 6pm and October 27th 10am to 5pm. Admission £3. This will be a great opportunity to see the varied and excellent work of the members. Our collection of our group quilts (to date) will also be there.

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