Sunday, 11 February 2018

BLOG 383

BLOG 383

This week I have been making some poppies which will go towards the display in the Gresford show this year. We have all been asked to contribute poppies, making them in whatever medium we choose. We are aiming for 500 and they are starting to trickle in. Some have been knitted, some crocheted but many have been sewn. Someone in the morning group (Lorna?) brought in a batch she had made using the British Legion poppy. This was such a simple approach and it was very effective too. It suddenly made the task less daunting and became do-able for me!

            British Legion poppy
I made a template from the original poppy and cut out several and added some slightly larger red circles, and black circles for the centre.

             Pattern pieces
As I wanted the flower to appear dimensional, I cut into the top shaped red piece on either side of the centre. This allowed me to over-lap the cut edges and my first line of sewing was across them to hold them in place on the underneath red circle.

           Making the tuck
The black circle was placed in the centre and I sewed short lines on the vertical, the horizontal and both diagonals to hold it down. There is a lot of bulk under the machine foot so these stabilising rows helped to squash it all down.

            Securing the centre

             Stabilising rows
Then it was a case of some scribbles radiating from the centre to complete the poppies.  Simple really but very effective. To finish we were asked to sew safety pins onto the back so that it will make it easier to attach them to a background for a display purposes. Job done!

              Finished poppy
I also made some more of my daily squares. In truth, I am generally playing catch up on this project but I am bang up to date now thankfully. They are sewn onto a heavy interfacing with a meandering stitch and then cut finally to 3½” square.

              Tree motif

Sewn Squares

            Sewn squares

                   Other motifs






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