Wednesday, 7 June 2017

BLOG 348

Blog 348

…And the best laid plans and all that! I flew back from Florida overnight on Friday, arriving back in Manchester on the Saturday morning. We had a wonderful time in the Disney parks for 7 days on the trot; I don’t know how we kept up with our young family but we did! And then there was an Amtrak journey (a la Portillo) to Savannah and back. It wasn’t quite the journey that he had; with no viewing gallery on the train and no deserted stations (he must have had a film crew with him!) but it was an interesting and comfortable experience. On returning, it took a day or two to sort out my sleep pattern so there was no way I was sewing by Sunday. However now I have hit the ground running and here’s the start of my latest projects which will go on the sale table at Gresford show in a couple of weeks.

I found four multi-coloured embroidered panels (8”) that I had made and framed for an exhibition but as they didn’t sell, I needed to think of another way of using them. I decided to use them as a panel on some quick cushions.
              Embroidered panels

 I chose two fabrics, a light one for the background (not shown well on the pic!) and a darker one for the trim.


I bought some 14” cushion pads and set to work.

               Cushion pads

I cut out four 15 ½” squares from the light fabric. I drew a diagonal grid onto the RS with a pencil, each line 2” apart.


I placed one of the squares onto the marked grid so that the corners of the square lined up with the diagonals that went from corner to corner. I put a dot on the line exactly where the corner of the embroidered square lay. (I didn’t want to quilt all the way across the cushion but only around the edge so these dots show me where the square will be placed and I can sew just inside the marks.)

I placed a ruler on these dots and marked another line ½” in from the edge of the ruler. This is where I will stop and start sewing. I chose to do a herring bone stitch for quilting lines.

               Stop/start lines

              Walking foot (true colour of fabric)


I cut 1 ¼” strips from the dark fabric to bind the centre panels.





More next Sunday.

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