Sunday, 12 November 2017

BLOG 371

Blog 371

1 Lay the large Xmas triangle onto one side of the wadding so that the right angled edges lie along the edges of the wadding. Accuracy is important. Pin the edges to secure.

              Accurate placement
2 At the same time, lay the other large triangle (from the alternative colour scheme) onto the other side of the wadding, lining up the edges on the opposite edges of the square. There will be an overlap of the fabrics right on the corner.

3 Place the first Xmas strip (longest) along the edge of the Xmas triangle with RS together and pin it in place.

            First strip Xmas
4 Turn over the wadding and pin the first strip from the alternative colour scheme onto the other side in the same way. Pin through all the layers from this side and remove the pins for the seam on other side.

First strip alternative
5 Use a marker to draw a diagonal line on the lighter of the 2 long strips, going from 1 overlapped corner to the other. Sew along this marked line to attach both strips through the wadding, removing the pins as you go.
6. Flip the strips over onto the wadding, on both sides, so the RS is visible.

                Flipped Xmas strip

              Flipped alternative strip
7 Add the remaining strips in the same way to complete the square on both sides: i.e. place RS together, sew and flip. Remember to use the correct coloured thread in the bobbin as this will be seen on the other side. (EG I used gold in the bobbin to show up on the Xmas side when I sewed the strips on the alternative side … and red in the bobbin when I sewed the Xmas strips).

…. And this is a jigsaw I found time to complete this week. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I get from doing a jigsaw, I could never walk past one without trying to fit a piece. They are sometimes time consuming and fiddly but the process is very relaxing and satisfying, better than social media!!




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