Sunday, 5 November 2017

BLOG 370

Blog 370
I attended a wedding at Willington Hall this week. The daughter of my best friend was getting married and it was such a lovely and happy occasion! The selected colour theme was maroon and gold and I offered to make a signature quilt to mark the occasion.  I only made this offer 2 weeks ago, so I had a bit of a rush to get the necessary fabrics together. I have made myself a signature quilt before for my Silver Wedding anniversary.

              Silver wedding quilt
I also made one a few years ago for the bride’s mother on the occasion of her 60th birthday.

          60th birthday quilt

I love star quilts but I don’t like to repeat a pattern too often so I used a traditional 8 pointed star and left a space in the centre to take a signature. I think cards or guest books are the place for sentiments, messages and comments and the bride agreed that it should be just a signature quilt. As I will be machine embroidering all the names, I was heartily glad!

            The pattern
I cut all the pieces out to make sure that I had enough fabric and placed them into bags. This is very organised for me!


I draped a signature quilt behind a table and placed two baskets on top of the table, one for signed blocks and the other for unsigned blocks. I also put up a notice to let people know what was going on. It caused much interest!

           Invitation to sign
Signing on fabric can be difficult so I decided to use water-erasable markers and I also fashioned a square of sandpaper to put over the top of the square to stop the fabric from moving too much. It worked remarkably well.


                Signed blocks

            Gold stars

              Constructed stars


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