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BLOG 369

BLOG 369

This project would make a very personal and novel gift for Christmas, especially if you are aware of the everyday décor used by the recipient. Side 1 will be made using colours similar to those everyday fabrics. Side 2 will be made using Christmas fabrics so it could be on display for the short festive season. (I have simplified this project to use only 3 fabrics but the samples below show 4 fabrics)





Samples 1 and 2

Requirements for cushion
14” square pad
2 large buttons to cover
16” square of fabric for both sides 1 and 2
Fabric requirements for reversible cover
Cut the following fabrics for both sides:-
Main fabric A: two 11 ¾” squares. Cut each of them on one diagonal to give 4 large triangles.
Fabric B: four strips 2 ½” x 16” and four strips 2 ½” x 9”
Fabric C: four strips 2 ½” x 12 ½” and four strips at 2 ½” x 4 ½”
Joining strips (contrasting fabric):
Two strips: 1” x 11”, two strips 1” x 22” and two strips 1” x 44”
Other requirements
Low loft wadding: four 11” squares (mark a diagonal line on one side with a permanent marker)
Thin elastic: ½ metre
Sewing machine: threaded with neutral colour on top. Prepare 2 bobbins with threads to match the fabrics used for the large triangles.
The Block (one of four)





Blocks front and back
Next Thursday Rog and I will be attending the wedding of the daughter of our best chums. I have heard in detail about the preparations for many months and next week it will become a reality. My part in all this is to organise the signing of blocks for a signature quilt. The bride-to-be was delighted when I suggested it so the project has required some detailed preparation on my part … but as usual it turns out to be a last minute rush! This is a sample of the block I have chosen to prepare and I will be using maroon and gold fabrics with calico. My outfit has been purchased and the accessories have been bought. Rog too is all prepared …. but I won’t be sitting next to him!


            Signature block


                 Style icon


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