Sunday, 22 October 2017

BLOG 368

Blog 368
Here is the sequence of work this week on my Welsh quilt. I cut the rest of the pieces from the black felt to give some sort of form to the project. This showed me just how much I have yet to do! However, having worked the longest outer borders first meant that I felt that I have broken the back of this project. And there is still the fervent hope that all the pieces will fit together easily in the end!!

               Quilt layout

Having already done samples for some of the repeated sections meant that I knew what I was doing and I didn’t have to make any further creative decisions. I could happily motor on!

              Repeated sections
With reference to the design I drafted on graph paper, I continued to flesh out the rest of the sections. I added the appliques and detail and covered them with the painted fusible ready for to take the layer of sheers. Here’s the progress to date. I will cover all the remaining sections before slumping at my sewing machine to do the extensive stitch work with black thread. Only then will I start the soldering process. I am loving this quilt …. a lot!

             Sequence 1

             Sequence 2

             Sequence 3

                Sequence 4

             Sequence 5



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