Sunday, 15 October 2017

BLOG 367

Blog 367
I left school 50 years ago this year and I have just returned from a school reunion this weekend. I attended Ulverston Grammar school in the southern Lake District and our year was the last year of the grammar school system as the school became a comprehensive in the autumn term. Mr. Longbotham,(alias Drag!), the old and very traditional headmaster, retired and the upper 6th all went off into the big wide world with aspirations in our head, hope in our hearts, and trepidation in our bellies. I went off to Anstey PE college and then on VSO to the S Pacific and then became a quilter; who would have forecast that chain of events? This has been our 4th reunion: 30 years on, 40 years on, 45 (time was getting short!) years on and 50 years on. It was lovely seeing everyone there and chatting to them. And isn’t it amazing how most people’s lives can be condensed into a few well-chosen sentences in conversation. Choose your sentences with care because that is what ultimately defines you to the rest of the world!
This week I have continued to work on my alternative Welsh quit. I was waiting for some more synthetic felt from ‘Artvango’ and it arrived over the WE so there is nothing holding me back from making this quilt now. I have continued to add stitch detail to the panels already completed and I have done a trial sample for another section and corner for reference. This project will just keep evolving steadily now.
               Stitch detail 1

               Stitch detail 2

             Inner border

              Corner motif

Coming up next time is an idea for a Christmas project which I will be teaching at my local craft group in a couple of weeks’ time. It is a reversible wrapped cushion. One side will be made from fabrics which match the everyday décor and the other side will be made from Xmas fabrics. It would make an original gift for someone special.

                Xmas cushion front


              Xmas cushion back

                 Reverse pad

                Reverse cushion





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