Sunday, 1 October 2017

BLOG 365

Blog 365
For the last 3 weeks I have been teaching some members of my village craft group how to make a memorabilia box. They are a very able and enthusiastic group, willing to try any sort of craft. We did the simplest construction (without a decorative lid) and here’s mine which is now ‘in stock’ until the next occasion comes around when I need a suitable gift.
             Memorabilia box outside

           Memorabilia box inside
Our house has a long corridor which just lends itself to displaying quilts on floor-standing wooden rails. On each of the four 18”-deep window sills, there is a prolific house plant which eventually outgrows its space and dies from the centre outwards. So to regenerate the plant every year I need to take loads of cuttings and replant them in the greenhouse. Soon they start to flourish and they are brought inside again to make a lovely show of colour against the quilts lining the corridor.


            Re planted
This week most of my studio time has been taken up with progress on the alternative Welsh quilt (one day I will come up with an appropriate name for it). Although it will probably only take you a few seconds to read what I am writing and see what I am showing, just remember that this constitutes a considerable amount of creative time for me!

           Border strips

I love to be where my ironing surface is, as it is a sea of colour. I am surrounded by it and it makes me very happy .What’s not to like eh?

            Colourful environment



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