Sunday, 8 October 2017

BLOG 366

BLOG 366
I have done more work on the border strips this week. The patterns I am using on this contemporary piece of work are normally used as quilting designs and they were sourced from traditional Welsh quilts. Instead of quilting them though, I am appliqueing the designs onto the felt background. As I added more layers of colour I realised that I was losing sight of the designs so I made the decision to define the shapes with a strong machine stitch. I used a chalk marker to define the lines surrounding the strips and the chalk disappeared as I was sewing.

Outer borders

            In progress
On my Bernina sewing machine, I have used Stitch 709 for the lines which are easy to follow and Stitch 713 for more complex shapes. Beyond that all the extra detail will be added by free-machine stitching and a soldering iron.

          Stitch 1

                Stitch 2

            Corner squares

Here’s a reminder of the effects of free-motion stitching and soldering on the useful samples that I did when I was thinking through my working methods. Some design details have changed in translation.

           Border motif



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