Sunday, 24 September 2017

BLOG 364

Blog 364
September has been a month of contrasts for our family. It’s a case of 1 wedding, 2 funerals and an operation! I am not personally affected in that I am already married, I haven’t died and I have not had an operation but I am emotionally evolved with the people concerned. So there has been little progress with my projects and all I can do is show you the ‘story’ so far. I have decided that I am going to start with the long outer borders on the ‘alternative’ Welsh quilt.
I marked the felt in sections, to coincide with the sections of the pattern, using a chalk marker. This made it easier to position the pattern pieces when they were cut out from fused fabric.

            Marked sections

I simplified the pattern down to the bare essentials; there are so many layers that small detail gets lost in translation. Once the pattern elements have been stuck in place, the painted fusible is ironed over the top.

             Pattern and fusible

When the paper backing from the fusible is removed, another layer of colour has been added over the whole design.
              Overlaid fusible
The fusible layer allows for the addition of the final colourful layer. This is made up of small bits of colourful sheers, thus adding more depth to the piece of work.


                 Layered strip











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