Sunday, 3 September 2017

BLOG 361

Blog 361
We have been to a wedding this week in Norwich. It took us 6 hours to get there and 7 to get back. We were travelling across the widest part of the country, along roads that were steady with traffic with not a motorway in sight, apart from those going N/S. Why o why has an east/west motorway never been constructed? Judging from the volume of traffic and the number of HGVs on the roads going to the ports, I would have said there is a huge need for one. Once there, we had time to look around this lovely city with its riverside walks and impressive cathedral. I chanced upon a little craft shop not far from the cathedral where I bought the small card below. The tiny houses (about 1” square) were knitted can you believe, with fabric windows and doors stuck on. Someone had infinite patience to go to all that trouble so the least I could do was buy it. I thought it was charming!

               Tiny knitted houses
After not winning any accolades at the Festival of Quilts, I am pleased to announce that The Arabesque has just won best Group quilt and Best Use of Colour at the Great Northern Quilt show in Harrogate. We are delighted and feel it is just reward for a very original and intricately decorated quilt. Well done gang!

              The Arabesque
I have had my soldering iron out this weekend and so I took the opportunity to add burn marks to this still life picture, made several months ago. Again it is only a play piece, to see where I can go with colour and mark making. It is amazing what a few hurried marks can do to bring a piece of work some definition.

                Still life

            Mark making
I have also made progress on the corner block of my alternative Welsh quilt. I love the coloured surface a lot! I added a strong sewn line in black cotton thread around the features using a normal foot on my sewing machine. I then changed to a free-motion foot to do more decorative stitch work. This was followed by mark making with a soldering iron. This is still a practice piece but by playing in this way I am making decisions about how I want to proceed with this project. There are many processes involved and all need tweaking before I feel I can proceed confidently.


                 Coloured surface


             Stitch definition

             Decorative detail

                 Practice corner square

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