Sunday, 10 September 2017

BLOG 362

BLOG 362
It has been a very difficult time for me this week with so much going on mentally and emotionally. As a result of such chaos, I do what I usually do in these circumstances and turn my full attention to my work where I find consolation and direction. Working with my hands has the effect of soothing my mind and organising my thoughts. It’s very therapeutic.
The alternative Welsh quilt was the first project ‘in hand’ and I tried the lay-out for one of the long outer borders. I’m so glad I did because I discovered straight away that I had drafted the pattern incorrectly and significant modifications and simplifications had to be made. I habitually launch straight into a piece of new work because I am so keen to get started, but these helpful practice runs are ironing out some major teething problems which can only be to my advantage. Here’s the layering sequence so far.
             Step 1
              Step 2
            Step 3
               Painted fusible
And then bizarrely I went right ‘off piste’ and decided to do some felting! And there is an obscure reason for this: I sent my husband to the dry cleaners with some feather cushion pads for cleaning and they offered to send them away at the cost of £21 each! (I cannot tell you how many new feather cushions I could have bought for this price but it would have been many!) Anyway he had the sense to refuse that service and in the end they were cleaned for £7 each. So, having paid out this money, I decided that I needed to make some decent cushion pads to cover them and I thought that a felted cushion would be a challenge, especially if it was wet felted instead of needle felted. Moy Mackay’s books are inspirational on this subject.  Here’s the felting sequence so far before I fine tune and embellish it. This turned out to be a very physical and satisfying project and I hope that the finished effect will be well worth it. Certainly the bingo wings had a good work-out!
               Layers 1 and 2
               Decorative sky
             Net and soap flakes

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