Sunday, 17 September 2017

BLOG 363

Blog 363

We had an unplanned adventure yesterday. What started out as a pleasant ride along the coast to the island of Anglesey, ended with hours of waiting in a carpark to be ‘recovered’ by the RAC! We were at Llangefni to see a new exhibition ‘Birds of Wales’ and our automatic Land Rover, which hasn’t ever let us down before, just wouldn’t start for our return journey. Maddening! It was all to do with the electrics apparently and we had to make our way home in a courtesy car with gears which was a bit of a challenge. We are looking forward to being reunited with our LR eventually and probably expensively! That apart the exhibition, in the Kyffin Williams gallery at Oriel Ynys Mon, was well worth the bother and here are some of the exhibits to illustrate the variety of talent on display.


             Chainsaw art

                 Sparrows in oil


               Silk painting

             Wood carving


           Acrylic painting








                Stone carving






              Creative pebbles


             Willow weaving

Feather painting


Rog with a big bird!

The main reason I went to Llangefni was to see the work of Suzette Smart. I am very familiar with her embroideries as I sew alongside her every couple of weeks so I understand the complex processes that go into producing them. I am a great fan and think that her work is fascinating! Most of the work on display in the gallery is for sale so get along there if you are in the vicinity and enjoy this delightful and very varied exhibition. Here are some snippets of Suzette’s detailed machine embroideries.



              Framed pictures




              Blue tit


















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