Sunday, 25 March 2018

BLOG 389

BLOG 389
It is the final week of Lent and I have completed my final quilt top today. Although I have ended each project with the boast ‘Job done’ of course it is far from done as I have yet to layer, quilt and bind them. That is what takes the most time, the quilt tops are straight forward as long as the cutting has been accurate. Remember that old adage ‘measure twice and cut once’, it is especially applicable for patchwork!

I never know what I am going to do until I start rooting through my draws and baskets to see what needs using up. I came across some 3 ½” squares of a jolly cat fabric; a project once thought of but not carried through. These 30 squares were my starting point and then followed another rummage around for potential border fabrics. I chose a soft mauve and a deep pink but as there was a limited amount of each fabric, particularly the pink, I didn’t know if there would be enough. I decided to divide the squares into 3 piles of 10 so that I still had the option of adding another fabric if I ran out! And I did!
              Sorting fabric


The fabrics were cut into 2” strips and these were used to add borders to the top and bottom of each cat square first and then along the sides. I cannot emphasise enough how useful the ironing station is next door to my sewing machine. A small travel iron and a pad made with calico and 2 layers of cotton wadding is so useful! Every seam was pressed as soon as it was sewn and the construction went along like clockwork. It is good piecing practice!




As I had anticipated, there was not enough pink fabric so I had another rummage and found something which I deemed suitable. On completing the squares, I laid them out in several formations, finally settling on the one below. 


                Blocks into rows

           Rows into top

                Quilt centre

For the border, I used left-over strips to complete the top. Job done! (I wish it was!) 6 quilt tops in 6 weeks is quite an impressive out-put and more of my fabric has been shifted.

                With border

              6 in 6










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