Sunday, 1 April 2018

BLOG 390

Blog 390
‘Pasg Hapus’ as we say in this part of the world. A fair day weather-wise and the family round the table, what more could you want?! My Lenten fast has finished and there are many Easter eggs to consume. One of my daughters found a limited edition orange Smarties Easter egg for me. She reminded me of when they were young, and whenever they were given Smarties, I always used to tell them that the orange ones were mummy’s Smarties and they religiously used to separate them from their tube and to give them to me! I feel quite shame-faced now when they remind me of it and they suggest that it is tantamount to child abuse!! How times have changed. But I am still going to enjoy the special Easter egg.
I have spent Lent doing a Linus quilt each week and this week I have completed the quilting on them. I have only the bindings to do on 3 of them now. For the first time, I used fleece to go on the back of 3 of them. Other people had told me that this was their preferred method but I shall not do it again as I found that the quilts don’t have the same weight and ‘body ‘ compared to using wadding and a backing. It affected the quilting also to give disappointing results. That said, they are soft to the touch and someone may appreciate them!

          Fleece backing

When using fleece, the quilt top is placed RS together with the fleece and sewn around the outer edge. A gap needs to be left for turning through and the corners need to be blunt to allow for the bulk of the fabric on the corner. I used a decorative stretch stitch around the edge flatten the edge and close the turn-through gap.
           Sewing around the edge
          Turn through

            RS out

             Pinning the opening

          Decorative stitch

              6 quilts
The quilting done was the bare minimum, to hold the layers together with a walking foot or to be decorative with a free-motion foot.

             Ready for quilting





            Job done!



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