Sunday, 22 April 2018

BLOG 393

Blog 393

                  Tess with daily squares
This week I have had quality garden time because the weather has been superb! I have been finishing the autumn cut-back, removing weeds, replacing lost plants, digging in compost and adding decorative bark. Exhausting but also very satisfying! The neighbour’s ewes are grazing the paddock … and wandering around the garden after they leaned on a gate that wasn’t fastened securely … and all’s well with my environmental world.

My creative world is a bit more frantic with the Gresford show very much in the front of my mind. Last week I made significant progress on my scrap quilt so this week I have dug out the wedding signature quilt which I started last November. All the names have been embroidered and I am now adding 1” strips to form a narrow border round each square. The gold stars will have maroon borders (all different) and the maroon stars gold.


              Wedding stars 

               Ironing surface 

I am sewing a scant ¼” seam, placing the WS of the blocks uppermost against the strip so I can see exactly where the needle is sewing. There is an exact place where two construction seams cross and I aim to sew a smidgeon clear of that place to make sure all my points are sharp! I am also trying to make sure no border fabrics are duplicated. Errors are easily made! I have yet to decide whether I will join these bordered blocks together with more background strips. This is indeed a work-in-progress and I hope to make steady progress this coming week.

              Sewing strips 



                    Bordered stars 

               Work in progress




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