Monday, 7 May 2018

BLOG 395

Blog 395


I’m a bit late posting my blog this week; just blame it on the fabulous weather over the Bank Holiday weekend. What with socialising, family birthdays, barbecues and gardening I have not got a lot to show really apart from a repetition of the scrap quilt which is my main focus. I have managed to join together 2 rows consisting of 5 blocks each, and started 2 others. Still a way to go but it should be finished by Gresford.  


When I was at Suzette’s last week, I spent most of the day making this sunflower picture in stitch. I soaked a bit of calico with water and dropped some silk paint onto it, leaving it to flow through the material and dry off. I then cut a piece of iron-on pelmet Vilene to the size I wanted and pressed the calico on onto it, folding and sticking the edges to the back with thin strips of fusible. This gave a taut foundation for me to work on with copious stitch, but I was very disappointed to see that it had pulled and creased. Back to the drawing board!

                  Embroidered picture 

As I have been out in the sunshine gardening most of the WE, I am going to post some pictures of it to show you where I get my inspiration. It is full of colour most seasons and I work hard to keep it well stocked and tidy. Notice that I don’t name the plants, I only see colour!

            Pale peach 

              Acid green/orange 


               Yellow with green 

              Burgundy and green 





Even the fish were near the surface in the heat of the day. And the frogs were impossible to count, much like the tadpoles!


Whenever I have the grandchildren, it is always an excuse to do a bit of art/craft. As we were outside, I gave the each of them a root from the leeks which I had used to make soup. I just said it looked like hair and left them to it. This is what they created, I think there was a bit of copying going on but I love the results! Aw bless.
             Garden art 1
                Garden art 2









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