Sunday, 22 July 2018

BLOG 405

BLOG 405
I have made considerable progress on the squares for this quilt now. In fact I have used up all my light squares and may need to find more light fabrics (!!!!) so I can use up all the dark squares that I have cut! They have all been trimmed accurately now to 4 ½” squares and this is where the fun begins by starting to explore how I can use them. I have been trailing different blocks and placements on my design wall but as yet I haven’t made a decision on how I will proceed. There’s plenty of time for that!

              I Star

                 2 Stars

              Checker board

              Flying geese

                 Square within a square


               Square on point


               Positive and negative

              Twisted border

I have also been making steady progress on the rag rug too. I am using the small pieces of Bali’s and Batiks which I have stuffed into a sweetie jar over the years. I am actually cutting out and using off-cuts of off-cuts!! And there is so little wastage! That said, when I started to delve into the jars, I noticed that there were large chunks and strips of fabric that I had stuffed in there for ‘out-of –sight-out-of-mind’ reasons!! I think they may be used to start another scrap quilt, here we go again!
              Chunks of fabric


I am thrilled to report that I have put together Tessa’s block. Because of the method of construction through pelmet Vilene, they are really not suitable for a quilt so they are to be used as a wall hanging behind their bed. I have joined the 3 ½” squares together as 9-patches and then joined the 9-patches together using a colourful fabric cut at 1”, just sufficient to pull the edges together. There’s a bit more work to do on this yet but rest assured that we all love it!

              Joining strips

            Wall hanging


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