Sunday, 29 July 2018

BLOG 406

BLOG 406
Tessa’s wall hanging is in the process of being bound; the rug making continues at a snail’s pace; I need more light fabrics to proceed with the current scrap quilt and so I obviously need to start something new! In a bid to use up more of my fabric … and that is what this year is all about! …. I pulled out the drawer of Liberty fabrics. Much of this has been amassed over the years and some has been donated so I think it is about time to make use of it and then pass on what I don’t need to someone else to enjoy.

               Liberty collection
I have obviously had a few false starts with Liberty projects judging by what came out of the same drawer. (I usually keep stuffing fabric into the small spaces in drawers so it always amazes me how fabric rises like bread when freed from the constrictions of space. It seems to expand as though it is breathing!)  There were a couple of squares, one dark and the other light, possibly the start (and stop) of a string quilt! There was a sample of a needle case, many of which I have made as gifts in the past. I came across a value strip (light through to dark and back again) and of course the mini Liberty sampler quilt (which still isn’t quilted I’m ashamed to say!). 

            Strip work

            Pin cushion

           Value sequence

I believe that most scrap quilts start on the ironing board. So as I am sorting through the fabric and pressing it ready for cutting, I am starting to sift through ideas of how I can use it. I have to say that the value strip has made an impression on my mind so perhaps I will use that concept to create something; Liberty fabrics are fabulous for blending in this way. So 3 ½” squares seem like a good idea and as I cut them from the array of fabrics I placed them in a value sequence. Some fabrics are off-cuts; others are sizeable chunks so, as yet, I don’t know what I have to play with. Once pressed, a straight edge is cut, then 3 ½” strips, then squares.

             Ironing board


              Off cut
           Straight edge


           Short sequence

 Longer sequence



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