Sunday, 7 May 2017

BLOG 346

BLOG 346
This week I have been busy finishing the crazy quilt top, 9 squares x 9 squares or 72” x 72”. But when l laid it out for a photograph, one square near the centre screamed out at me. When I started this quilt I had intended to use any and all of my scraps but I saw that the Batiks and Bali’s didn’t fit in well as the project progressed, so I stopped using them. This square must have been the one that got over-looked! And you know what it is like, once you see a glaring error, it is all you see whenever you look at the quilt. By chance, I had done an extra dark square so a bit of reverse sewing later and it was installed in place.

               Crazy top

            Rogue square



There are still lots of floral scraps left over but I have had my fill of using them now and would willingly hand them over to others who enjoy scrapping! The other plus has been that I have emptied so many part-filled bobbins!
               More scraps

           Empty bobbins

There is still some quilting and finishing that needs doing now, but there has been much progress towards the quilts for the Gresford exhibition next month. Fingers crossed that I get them finished!
               Gresford quilts

 BTW: We own a big agricultural shed and some friends over-winter their car and their boat in it. When Rog removed the plant pot that hung on the end of the stowed mast, this is what he found inside: 2 baby robins! He repositioned the plant pot but next day the birds had flown the nest. Sooooo cute!



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