Sunday, 30 April 2017

BLOG 345

BLOG 345
I am working hard on the scrap crazy quilt with the faint hope that I can get it finished for the Gresford show in June. Today I can’t say that the show is next month which brings it scarily close whereas tomorrow I will be able to! Gosh! Will I get it finished in time, especially with 12 days taken out for a holiday? With the light and dark scrap bags close to hand, I got my head down and pressed on, ever optimistic. When I go to the local craft clubs that I attend, where hand sewing is a necessity, I usually start the centres off. These are then pinned onto paper when I get home and I continue them by machine.

            Lights and darks


             Foundation pieced


Several rows of 10 blocks have been completed and I needed to try the top for size, so I know how many more are required. (That’s wasn’t a very helpful exercise as the 20 I need seems all the more daunting but it looks good so that will hopefully spur me on!)

            Trying for size


This week, I have resurrected some quilt blocks that I had abandoned, to see what I could do with them so that the effort I put into making them wasn’t wasted. So far one has been quilted and awaits some applique as a cushion front. The other has been arranged as a long strip and quilted. I have been trying to make images of sunflowers in thread and shears but there is some way to go yet.

            Quilted cushion top

Quilted strip

           Shear sunflower

           More ideas

And for your delight and delectation, here is a scrap ‘block of the month’ quilt made by one of the members of our competition quilt group. Marion has joined her blocks together with a quilt-as-you-go method and has done a mixture of hand and machine sewing on it. It’s just lovely!

Marion’s quilt

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