Sunday, 14 January 2018

BLOG 379

BLOG 379
I have had a busy week settling back into routine again; the routine of attending the weekly craft clubs, sewing sessions with chums, meal planning, and grocery shopping and bog standard normal everyday things. And isn’t it comforting to have a structure to the week again? I pretty well know what day of the week it is now and the unpleasant pressures of commercialism that attend the festive season have thankfully disappeared. This time of the year is my most creative period. The days are cold and short, meaning that I don’t have to get out into the garden, and the evenings are warm and long giving me plenty of space to do what I love doing the best.

That said, I am immediately under pressure to finish my Contemporary Welsh wall hanging for the Llangollen exhibition next month. This pressure sharply focuses my mind and I have spent most of this week wearing a respirator making marks and burning with a soldering iron. I just love this process so going out into the freezing cold garage for the evening isn’t hard. I dress warmly in layers and probably chunter somewhat to’ himself’ but I go happily and willingly. I have a large glass-topped light box in there and I need to work on a glass surface with the soldering iron so it is ideal. The smell generated by burning synthetics is vile so again the garage is an ideal place to be. Once I am immersed in my creative world, the cold just doesn’t exist anymore; nothing does.

              Light box


              Centre square

             Detail 1

              In process

                    Detail 2

                Detail 3

                  Detail 4

I decided some time ago that I was going to lace the squares together  somehow which is why I have been burning holes at ½” intervals round the edges of each section. I looked at the coloured threads I had in stock but saw that there was nothing I had a lot of which was appropriate for the task. So I had to set about and make some cord. I used 5 skeins of embroidery thread and twisted them under the foot of my machine whilst sewing a zigzag with multi-coloured thread over the top. I used a large needle (bought for Italian quilting) to start to lace the sections together. This is exciting and I love this piece of work!! It should be finished this week unless any unforeseen problems crop up!!



               Embroidery threads



              Italian quilting needle

                In progress

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