Sunday, 21 January 2018

BLOG 380

Blog 380
It has been a week of intense soldering, cord making and lacing in order to get my wall hanging ready for Llangollen. I feel as though I have been wearing my respirator permanently and I have grooves on my cheeks to prove it! Still better to be safe than sorry; those fumes from soldering are very toxic!

              Detail 1

                 Detail 2 

              Detail 3 
I ran a line of cording round the outside edge to complete it (and not before time). I am delighted with the result and now I know what I am doing, I think I want to make another one straight away to reinforce the learned process in my mind and hands. BTW: The name remained as ‘Contemporary Welsh’ in the absence of anything better!

               Contemporary Welsh 
               Hanging sleeve 

I did a bit of a catch-up on my daily squares. These are mounting up nicely but I need to purchase some more pelmet Vilene to back them before I can sew around the cut edges. Or perhaps I will use heavy interfacing, just to add some body. As I don’t know what I am going to do with them yet, it’s hard to make any decisions at this stage.

                 Daily squares
And just take a look at these fabric squares. They are drawings made by one of my granddaughters when she was nearly 3 1/2. I asked her to draw things that made her happy on paper using fabric transfer crayons. Predictably she chose the following: Mum, Dad, sister, herself, house, rainbow, a flower and, my favourite, a bee! I am about to border them with a bright fabric to make a small wall hanging capturing ‘a moment in time’.

              Katie’s drawings

                       My favourite 




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