Sunday, 28 January 2018

BLOG 381

BLOG 381
January is slipping away and the days are starting to lengthen so there is a lovely feeling of warm hope that we are emerging from the gloom of winter. The snow drops are out in force and the daffodils are poking their snake-like heads above the soil. I’m sure there will be more bad weather to come but that extra hour of daylight is just enough to raise the spirits. Another way of raising spirits is to immerse yourself in fabric, particularly those in the warm range of the colour wheel! Katie’s wall hanging is such a project and I have romped on with it this week. Whereas Ella is unquestionably a multi-coloured sort of girl, Katie is definitely pinks and purples. So I added the short borders top and bottom and the longer side borders next, trimmed them and then used a darker strip to join and bind. Job done!

                Short borders 

                  Long borders 
           Finished hanging

 One of my flower vase quilts has hung for years in a huge frame above the fire place but we noticed this week that the frame was starting to come apart. This meant that I was able to liberate the quilt from the frame so, now that it is no longer behind glass, I can enjoy the colours, texture and detail of it again. It was made from ready-fused batiks which were cut using either a fluted or a pinked rotary cutter or pinking shears. And because it was made of such small pieces, I had to use plenty of stitch to hold them down, to add texture and to enhance the detail. It is always nice to revisit a piece of work and it makes me question why I have left this way of working behind. It was a method that I developed a few years ago but there must be more scope for development??? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

                Flower vases

             Detail 1

                Detail 2 

            Detail 3

                  Detail 4

               Detail 5

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