Sunday, 30 September 2018

BLOG 413

Blog 413
I store all our group quilts in a bedroom loft space so they always come back to me at some stage or other throughout the year.  I have just taken charge of our latest group quilt called ‘Mere Men’ so I have been able to photo graph each panel and I am sharing them with you this week.

This year we chose a man from all the significant eras of our island history and stood him in front of a quilt of his time to record his comments. The size and shape of the man was consistent throughout the panels, as were the lines of patchwork squares along the bottom. It was actually designed to hang in a long horizontal row but the dimensions of the entries was altered for this year’s FOQ and we had to hang it 3 by 3 by 3 instead. Each group member was given scope to research their era and design a costume and a quilt for that time. Here they are in chronological order.
         Jennifer’s Cave man
“I’ve been out all day chasing mammoth. What’s for dinner?”

         Jackie’s Egyptian
“I met this Giza who told me that the pyramids were tumbling blocks”

         Liz’s Greek
“YEIA … told you beards were in”

        Barbara’s Roman
“I came, I saw, I admired”

             Janice’s Viking
“She’s been trading - I should have seen it in the runes”

           Dilys’s Norman
“I see we won BOTH the battle and the quilt show in Hastings”

           Panel detail
           Jenny’s Elizabethan

“Is it the design for our garden or our second-best bed cover?”
            Sue’s Industrialist
“O dear, this letter means there’s trouble at t’mill”

            Marion’s Modern man
“Cool man, the first interactive gaming quilt”

There is no doubt we have great fun doing these group quilts although there is always a lot of pressure to do our individual piece well and on time. This year has been exceptional technique-wise with so much detail for all to enjoy. We meet next Friday for the first time to discuss any ideas for next year and who knows where they will take us! Love it love it love it!

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