Sunday, 6 August 2017

BLOG 357

Blog 357

More time has been spent this week on the Liberty sampler quilt. Firstly, I decided to reduce the dark border fabric around each block to a visible ½” so that only ¼” would show when sewn; it looked less dominating this way. On the design wall I then auditioned light fabrics to go between the blocks and the dark corner stones were the final touch. This quilt measures 40” x 31 ½” and I love it!

             Trial borders


                 Corner stones

                Completed top

The other project I had to finish this week was the memorabilia box which I am giving as a gift on Sunday. Here’s the progress on the design for the lid (as per Susan Lenz).





I also handed over the Linus quilts this week. I needed to do that so I can get on with my own work and not feel that there is always something hanging over me. I have made another 3, donated 3 which were book or workshop samples, and made a final quilt top which I couldn’t quilt as I had run out of wadding. I have now handed over 12 quilts (6 to the Chester group and 6 and 1 unquilted top to N Wales) and that relieves my conscience somewhat for my husband winning the log cabin Linus quilt last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

             Linus quilts

                Quilt top

 PS It is the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham this coming week. I will be there on Thursday and Friday and we will find out how our group quit has been judged. Exciting times!



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