Sunday, 30 July 2017

BLOG 356

BLOG 356

You only have to look at my bin to see what I have been working on this week. I have made a final push on the log cabin sampler blocks; I really do need to get this out of my system! The bin is full and the workstation very messy but that is the nature of progress.



             Reference book

I used this Maggie Malone book as a reference and chose a 9-patch pattern called Saw tooth. I made the 9 sections but somehow it looked wrong. I found that I had put a light block in the top left hand corner instead of a dark one so that was easy (if not time consuming) to rectify. But this block also highlighted one of the problems of working with Liberty fabrics on such a small scale. As they are all heavily floral, a light flower on a dark fabric can dominate the narrow strip and affect the clarity of the pattern. I hope that whatever quilting I decide to do will help to define the patterns more clearly. If you blur your eyes when you look at the blocks they are better! I also sewed another 9-patch called Birds in the air to complete the 20 blocks.

             Incorrect Saw tooth

                Corrected version

               Birds in the air

 Twenty blocks have been sewn; here they are pinned together and hanging from a rafter in the loft room where I do most of my sewing.

               20 blocks

I sewed a dark 1” strip of fabric around each block to add definition and to contain the busy little patterns. This is a vast improvement! Here they are on my design wall and beginning to look like the quilt they are meant to be.

               Bordered blocks

In between the blocks I will probably place light strips of Liberty fabric with a dark square as the corner stone. I breathe a big sigh of relief as the hard work on this quilt is all but finished! The Liberty basket is still over-flowingly full which means I have to make a large quilt to shift a lot more of it!

We had a fiendishly wet day last Thursday so I used the opportunity to layer, quilt and bind another Linus quilt.

             Linus quilt


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