Sunday, 23 July 2017

BLOG 355

Blog 355
I have had several things under my machine this week, but mainly during the latter part of the week. I inadvertently left my sewing machine attachments at Suzette’s on Monday and they weren’t delivered until Friday. I was bereft! It was my fault entirely but how maddening! Firstly, I added a border to ‘The Blues’ Linus quilt.

             The Blues


I made a start at quilting another Linus quilt, ‘Bubbles’, using a free-motion foot and an open swirl design. This didn’t take long at all; in fact it would have been much quicker if the ‘Quality Controller’ hadn’t come to sample the loft of the wadding! She even left a few fibres of her own as a gift!



          Quality Controller

               Additional fibres

The ‘At Liberty’ Linus quilt was next and it took no longer than 30 mins to run vertical and horizontal wavy lines across the seams of this quilt.

                At Liberty


Both of these quilted quilts will be bound ready to hand sew at Gresford on Tuesday. In the meantime, I am halfway through constructing another memorabilia box for a special occasion. I have yet to decide what will go onto the lid but I am thinking perhaps of synthetics and soldering. Watch this space!

                Memorabilia box



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