Sunday, 9 July 2017

BLOG 353
The garden has had a lot of attention this week as a result of the lovely weather. The heat encourages weeds to burgeon and that in turn spurs me into action. The cooler evenings take me to my studio where I relax into the repeated and comfortable rhythms of sewing. First I decided to deal with the Liberty blocks that I showed last week and using 2 ½” strips of calico, I joined them together to make a decent sized Linus quilt. Another one for the ‘to be quilted’ pile which I will do when I get more wadding in stock.  

                Liberty blocks

When I was in the mood for fiddling this week, I continued to make the tiny blocks for my log cabin sampler quilt. They are so very small and to give you the impression of size, I have taken pictures of the different size blocks alongside my small embroidery scissors. Be very impressed!!



              Sampler block

In a bid to keep using up my stock of fabrics, some of which go back many years, I pulled out my drawer of blue fabrics. Another Linus quilt was planned after looking through quick and easy techniques on the internet. I cut rectangles at 4 ½” x 6 ½” and placed them on my design wall; the dark fabrics are around the edge and the lighter ones in the centre. I chose a dark fabric to border the light rectangles and light fabric to border the dark rectangles and cut 1 ½” x 6 ½” strips from them. Adding these along 2 opposite sides created 6 ½” squares which were ironed to establish the direction of the seam allowances. (I can’t tell you how important the iron and ironing board is to us quilters. I seem to spend a lot of time there at the expense of my laundry so it must be a good thing!) This quilt may need a border but I will decide on that when I start to quilt all the tops I have accumulated. I need 6 quilts to fulfil a promise I made to the Linus project in Wales having already completed 6 for the Cheshire region.

               Blue fabrics
              Cut rectangles
               Border fabrics

              Ready to sew

               String piecing
              Ironing board
               Completed centre
             The quality controller

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