Sunday, 3 December 2017

BLOG 374

BLOG 374


Happy December! I think I could call this week ‘a week of progresses’. I have been striving to construct more signature stars and this project is going well now as I have get ‘stuck in’. Even when all the cutting has been done in preparation, I can generally just sew 3-4 stars an hour; they are fiddly and time consuming!  I told the bride’s mother that traditionally the quilt was finished as a gift for the second wedding anniversary (cotton) so that there was plenty of time for the hand quilting to be done (!). I couldn’t bear to have a project hanging on for so long like that so I am aiming to get the stars constructed by Xmas.

                Gold stars  

                 Maroon stars 

I have a bit of machine embroidery in progress too. But however many colours I throw at it, the stitch work is never as beautiful as the original. The shape is a bit awry too looking through the lens!


More progress has been made on the Contemporary Welsh quilt. This needs to be completed for Quiltfest in Llangollen next February. Members of the Quilters’ Guild (Region 13) have been invited to exhibit and I was asked to put this quilt in rather than one of my older pieces. When I work on it I just love the experience of being saturated in colour but all sorts of other things divert my attention throughout the week so progress has been intermittent and slow. I will get there in the end. Here are some details of my progress.
            Detail 1

                  Detail 2

              Detail 3

This is what the quilt will look like when it is finished. All the pieces are being worked independently and there is still a lot of stitchery ahead, not to forget the soldering detail. I have yet to decide how these pieces with be attached to each other. Onwards and upwards!

               In progress

               Close up



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