Sunday, 31 December 2017

BLOG 377

Blog 377

Traditionally, we all look back over the year and ask ourselves, ‘Where on earth has the time gone?’ I am in the fortunate position of being able to look back over my blog (which is why I write it) and I have evidence of where some of my time went! It satisfies me greatly to witness that I have continued to be creative and to progress as a textile artist. Here it all is for you to enjoy again with a Happy New Year from Y Gorlan Plas Onn.

               Memorabilia box

                   Wedding box
                Box with soldered lid

                 Coiled bowl


               Embroidered bowl

               Granddaughter’s (8) embroidered bowl

 Granddaughter’s first quilt
 (made in collaboration with the ‘sharer of the grandchildren’)

            Liberty sampler quilt top

            Pos/neg workshop quilt

             Pos/neg workshop sample

                Felted houses

               Quilted Magic Tiles quilt

               Group quilt: The Arabesque

             Delectable Mountain

             Colour study

           Applique cushion, foxgloves

               Contemporary Welsh in progress


               6 Linus quilts 1

              6 Linus quilts 2


                Commissioned quilt front


              Commissioned quilt back


              Daily squares

             Wedding signature quilt

              Xmas gifts


           Crazy quilt in progress


            Bag in progress

              Reversible cushion






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