Sunday, 17 December 2017

BLOG 376

Blog 376

The time is whizzing by towards Christmas and there is still so much left to organise. I have to say that I make things harder for myself as I do like to make gifts for close friends, especially those who I know will appreciate them.  I have completed the quilting on a ‘Magic Tiles’ quilt as a gift for a large family next door.

              Magic Tiles

And I have been making needle cases, with Liberty fabrics, to give to some sewing friends instead of sending a card. This is a quick and effective project and I offer it to you with a Happy Christmas, to finish off the year. I bought a similar needle case many years ago at a quilt show but I can’t tell you who the maker was. I just worked out a method and have been making them on and off ever since.


To make 4 needle cases, cut out 2 ½” squares from 12 different Liberty fabrics.

Iron a fusible web onto the back of them all and the cut the squares into 4 to make 1 ¼” squares.

Cut 4 pieces of medium-weight Lutrador (or similar) 7 ½” x 2 ½” and mark it with a 1 ¼” grid (12 squares).

                  Squares and lutrador
Iron the 12 different squares onto the marked squares of the Lutrador and iron in place.

                Iron in place

Use a wide zigzag and suitable thread (I used variegated thread) to sew lines between the squares, vertically and horizontally.

Cut lining pieces a little bit larger than the Lutrador and place RS together.  Leave a generous gap in the middle of a long side for turning through, and sew a seam with a small stitch, 1/8” from the edge. Sew diagonally across the corners and reinforce them a couple of times.  


                Reinforced corners  Trim back the fabric and cut across the corners. Turn through carefully, and use a blunt tool to ease out the corners. Press well to settle the seams and to give a sharp edge. Iron under a seam where the hole is and pin to hold.

               Trim to turn through 
             Turn through

 Sew all around the edge, as close as possible to the edge, to close the opening and to sharpen the edges. Add some felt pages to complete.

             Press well

               Add felt 

Next week there will be a review of all the things I have created during the past year, my favourite blog!


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