Sunday, 3 June 2018

BLOG 398

Blog 398
There doesn’t seem to be a lot of variety to share this week but, believe you me, there has been loads of ground covered. When you look at the first picture you are bound to think it is a mistake! And yes it is a picture of nothingness but I have included it because that wall is a vital part of my quilt construction and I wouldn’t be without it. Mine is made up of a flannelette sheet stapled onto a cork background which is just soft enough to push pins into. It is a godsend and has been used relentlessly over the years.            
                  Blank design wall

A few minutes later, the wall looked like this. All the squares for the wedding signature quilt have now been completed and I needed to start arranging them so I could get an impression of how it was going to look from a distance. I was also able to arrange the names to make sure that the main players in the ceremony were clustered around the centre, and all the support players were randomly placed around them. And in the true tradition of the quilt makers of old, there is a contrived and deliberate mistake; the idea being that only God is perfect.
            96 Stars

The squares were joined into rows and the rows joined together to make the quilt top. This was put onto cotton wadding and safety-pinned in place. At this stage I didn’t have enough of the backing fabric to include it, so the first lines have been sewn with a walking foot through just the two layers. As I was sewing with a cream thread this has worked well and the cream thread on the bobbin is not going to be seen on the backing fabric. When I eventually add the backing fabric, I will sew further lines in the ditch between the squares thus holding all three layers together and giving a quilted grid on the back.

           Backing fabric

I think that I also need to do something to hold the cream signature strip to the wadding on each of the squares or else it may not lie flat. I will decide on that this week as I am hoping to enter this into the Gresford show this month and need to get a wriggle on!
             Quilting lines
I really adore this year’s scrap quilt and haven’t decided whether to sell it or not. The binding is almost finished now and it looks deliciously vibrant!

            Scrap quilt







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