Sunday, 10 June 2018

BLOG 399

Blog 399
The rush continues for the Gresford show! It happens every year and it focuses my mind and my energies to get things (started and!!) finished. About a month before the show, we have to write a list of items that we are going to put in, so they can be included in the catalogue. I put items on my list optimistically and usually have to burn the midnight oil to get them done. This year I wrote: Scrap quilt (done), Wedding signature quilt (done), 259 squares for Tessa (display only, done) and 4 colourful cushions (not yet started!) aaaarrrrggggghhhhh! So there is a bit of ground to cover. I also like to make things for the sales table too so it was head down last week and it will be more of the same this week.
I added the back to the Wedding Signature quilt and sewed on the binding. All I need to do now with that one is add a label (and perhaps show it to the recipients and as permission to display it!)



               Gresford pile

The colourful cushions needed to be tackled next and for this I turned for inspiration to the work of Carol Ann Waugh. I have plenty of colourful fabric for backgrounds, lots of machine threads and a great choice of stitches on my machine! I added wadding and a sheet of stabiliser behind the fabric and just sewed. These don’t take much creative zeal (apart from colour choices I suppose), just the application and effort of manoeuvring the fabric under the sewing machine.


                Embroidery lines 1

                Embroidery lines 2

This week I was able to sit and sew for the day with friends and here are Pat’s grebes, completed at long last. I love the thread blending and the textured background.

              Pat’s Grebes 1

               Pat’s Grebes 2

And I managed to prepare the label for the signature quilt and I will sew it in place tonight. Phew!


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