Sunday, 24 June 2018

BLOG 401

BLOG 401
This week I have chosen a personal selection of favourites from the Gresford show. The church was absolutely full of crafts of all description; this is what makes it such an interesting event. There is something for everyone. Next week I will hopefully be able to tell you how many people attended and what sort of money we raised for charity. Enjoy!
                 Embroidered cushions

           Quilt for Tess



             Teddy bears’ picnic

          Crochet dogs

            Quilts and clothes





             Miniature teaset


            Exquisite beading

          Quilting: Guest quilter Sandra Weir

         Quilting: Guest quilter Sandra Weir

           Cake making



      Challenge: ‘Under ground’

          Challenge: ‘Under ground’ (sink hole)

          Beloved toys

         Quilt (won in a raffle)

          Tessilated quilt


         Cross stitch


        Fall of poppies ‘We will remember them’
And finally, I walked/ran in the ‘Pretty Muddy’ 5k at Tatton Park again yesterday for cancer research. It was a lovely day for it, sunny and bright, but the organisers made an extra special effort to make sure that there was as much wet mud as possible throughout the obstacle course! Here’s my daughter in the middle, with me on the right and Jackie (the sharer of the grandchildren) on the left. When I have collected in all my sponsorship money, I will let you know how much we have raised as a group of 8, but many thanks for all those who have donated; you are all very generous.
 Pretty Muddy 2018

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