Sunday, 16 December 2018

BLOG 424

Blog 424
By way of a diversion this week, and to inject a bit of seasonal silliness into my Blog, I am going to post the pictures of my husband and me opening our WINE ADVENT CALENDAR! And it all started  in such a civilised way with me taking a video of Rog as he opened the first door. We oooh’d and aaah’d as he respectfully slid out the first bottle of wine and it was ‘so far, so good’! We are taking it in turns to open a daily door but we are also thinking up more imaginative ways to stop each other from trying to get there first. We are having lots of fun and we haven’t killed each other …. yet!! And this is before we have opened a bottle!
Enjoy what follows with our best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. xx

           Wine Advent Calendar

             Day 2

          Day 3

            Day 4

           Day 5

             Day 6

              Day 7

         Day 8

             Day 9

               Day 10

           Day 11

           Day 12

         Day 13

          Day 14

         Day 15


  1. I really chortled at this Dilys.
    I had the same advent calendar but it was all to myself so I had no such silliness but keep up the silliness after all it is Xmas