Sunday, 23 December 2018

BLOG 425

BLOG 425
We are nearly there now, only 2 more sleeps to Christmas Day. Thankfully we are almost finished with Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar; there is only tomorrow to go and, if we survive that, we look forward to enjoying our usual family Christmas around the table and in front of the fire! Love and greetings for Christmas to all but especially to my regular followers, I know there are loads more than have signed up and you are welcome to drop by any time.

             Day 17

            Day 18

          Day 19

          Day 20

            Day 21

         Day 22

          Day 23

            Day 24 (courtesy of Tess and
Granddaughter Ella created a game using the now-empty advent calendar.


And Katie dressed as a Christmas turkey ready for the oven!





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  1. Happy Christmas Dilys. Thank you for the wonderful blog.