Sunday, 30 December 2018

BLOG 426

BLOG 426
We are now enjoying that in-between time, that gentle lull between Xmas and New Year and all is well at Y Gorlan. Nothing riotous has happened here, just a traditional family affair with plenty of fun and games, lots of local walks, a Dick Whittington pantomime and a Hansel and Gretel role-play adventure. The cupboards and freezers were stocked in December as if for a siege so we should be ok here till the end of February!
Now the question I usually ask for this last blog of the year is ‘where has the time gone?’ And I can answer that because I write a blog. I have always stressed that my blog is my weekly quilting journal; I quilt so I can blog and I blog so I can quilt. They go hand in hand. So here is a review of my quilting projects throughout 2018 for you to enjoy.
          Katie’s wall hanging

             A Wedding signature quilt (shown in progress): And the stars came out for Andrea and Simon…

          A willow hare

             6 Linus quilts

            A rag rug (in progress)

             A scrap quilt

           Norman panel for the group quilt

         Caveman panel (shared with Barbara)

            Contemporary Welsh (felt, synthetics, sheers, machine stitchery and soldering)

Quilt show in Poland (an honour to be invited to enjoy the quilts inspired by my work)

         Machine stitched cushions

          Felted houses

            Felted cushions

               Poppies for remembrance

             Shaded Liberty quilt

          Linus quilts (in progress)

             More Linus quilts
           Luggage labels

            Soldered panel
          Painting with fabric

             Thread bowl

            Xmas project

             Advent calendar 1

            Advent calendar 2

And the project for Tess (which I would rather not have had to do given different circumstances)

            259 Squares

          When life deals you scraps … a wallhanging

           Mud run

And finally, I had a surprise visitor between Xmas and New Year. Kirsty Hird came to show me her garden gate quilt which was inspired by my book ‘Enchanted Views’. It was an Angel gate placed in an archway and it was inspired by a postcard. It was thoughtfully created and beautifully constructed. And I shan’t ever complain again about my working space because, believe it or not, this was made on a boat!! Well done Kirsty and perhaps it will inspire me to dig out a garden that I made 15+ years ago which is just awaiting a gate! Happy New Year!

           Kirsty’s garden gate quilt



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